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Make Twisted Pair Network cables:straight cable,crossover cable with EIA/TIA 568a ,568b standard

Even network cables are not expensive to buy. These comes at very cheap price. But if you want specific length and you love DIY . Then you will prefer to make network cables rather than buying it from nearest electronics shop.  Making  a network cable rather than buying one have some advantages like you can avoid wire clutter of having too long cable that you don’t need or having small cable that does not comfortably reach point to point + happiness of making something 🙂   , so let’s make our network cable

We use EIA/TIA 568 standard to make twisted paid network cable. We make 2 types of network cables, Straight cable & crossover cable

Things you need

  • Crimping Tool
  • RJ45 Connector
  • Twisted pair network cable

Crossover cable

crosover cable is used to connect same devices like connecting 2 computers together.

  •  EIA/TIA 568 have 2 color codings. 568a & 568b. You need to use one 568a on one end of cable and use 568b on other end of cable to make crossover cable. You can see color coding of 568a and 568b in picture.

568amy 568bmy

  • Strip the cable by using inbuilt cable stripping tool in crimping tool and separate all 8 cables.

1 2

  • Align cables according to color coding of 568a and trim them to make them of equal size.

IMG_20160407_163310 IMG_20160407_163320

  • Hold RJ45 Connector by keeping its metal connectors upside and insert cables inside it. Look at its front to make sure all cables are properly inserted.

IMG_20160407_163422 IMG_20151213_133253

  • Insert RJ45 connector in crimping tool’s crimp hole and squeeze the crimping tool tightly. This will crimp copper connectors inside cables.

IMG_20160407_163526 IMG_20160407_163547

  • Now perform same proccess on other end of cable, but use 568b color coding on other end.  You have made crossover cable.


Straight Cable

Straight cable is more commonly used cable. It is used to connect different devices like computer to modem, switch to computer,computer to router.

  • Only difference between crossover and straight cable is that both ends of straight cable have same color coding. If you use 568a on one end, then you have to use 568a on other end too. If you use 568b on one end ,then you have to use 568b on other end too.
  • Follow instructions from crossover cable for crimping. You have successfully made straight cable.


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