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Refill HP 88A Toner Cartridge

In the middle of your important work,your prints became light or prints came out to be blank. you need to refill your cartridge. It is not that hard to refill laser toner. you can do it yourself. This method applies to almost all cartridge of HP and CANON with some difference,

I am refilling HP 88A cartridge. So Lets get Started

Tools needed

  1.  Screw driver
  2. Old newspaper ,so ink don’t spread on your table and leave everything black.
  3. Gloves ,without gloves ,ink will stuck in your nails (i did not had gloves handy)
  4. Piece of soft cloth
  • Hold cartridge up from the side which drum have teeth. Remove one Screw as shown in picture below

1 2

  • Pull from corner of cartridge. Place your finger on spring,it can quickly pop out and get lost.Gently pull out this cover.



  • Cartridge is made of two parts joined together. one is  OPC drum assembly and another is where ink is stored. Hold two sides and slide both in opposite direction to take them apart



  • This is ink and magnetic roller assembly.


  • Remove single screw from side without gears and pull out cover and also pull out little plastic cover on magnetic drum.


  • Take out magnetic roller and drain all old ink. This is important to drain old ink, mixing new and old ink is not good idea,it will not give you good results.


  • Fill ink in the area from where you remove magnetic roller and gently tap on walls of cartridge to let ink go inside and fill again . This cartridge can take 70gm of toner.



  • Slowly rotate this gear in arrow pointing direction to let ink go inside.


  • Clean magnetic roller and put it back to its place carefully. Make sure gear is sitting properly in its place.


  • Very carefully put back little cover on magnetic roller. Align it properly by looking its shape, It have D shape,don’t use too much force,else you may damage it.


  • Put back plastic cover on its place and tighten the screw.


  • Gently pull out OPC Drum by rotating it and clean it with piece of soft cloth.


  • Take out charger roller by pulling it from side. It will come out with click sound.


  • Remove two screws to remove wiper blade and drain the waste ink. Then assemble it back with refrence of following photos.



  • Assemble back both parts of cartridge together by pressing and sliding it to right position.



  • Make sure these springs are straight,not bent.


  • Hold the edge of spring and put cover back on its position, release the spring.



  • Shake cartridge sideways to evenly spread ink inside cartridge. Clean the cartridge and it is ready to print.  Hope i helped you. stay tuned for more tech related topics,news and do it yourself articles.


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I am tech lover who is passionate about learning new things and sharing with people. I am owner of business named PC SOLUTIONS where i provide computer,cctv,printer,networking related services to our customers. Whenever i learn something new,i love to share it on my blog.


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  • i have a problem with my HP 88a toner Cartridge i want to clean it i can do that .. the question is its a full toner … so i want to use back its toner powder can i put it back … i mean not mixing with the new powder the old toner

    • Hello, this is not recommended, as micro sized dust particles can mix with toner powder and damage your drum and cartridge.