Review of Cyanogenmod 12.1 (android 5.1) on huawei honor 4x

Thinking about installing Cyanogemod on your huawei honor 4x? you can head to my this guide to install cyanogenmod and twrp, install twrp and cyanogenmod

Before you install cyanogenmod on your phone, you may want to know its benefits and drawbacks over stock rom.

Cyanogenmod is actually simpler and more easier to use than stock huawei rom. Biggest advantage of cyanogenmod is that it is light  weight. It is working very fluidly on our phone. Some of us don’t like huawei home screen,because it does not have app drawer. After switching to Cyanogenmod rom. You will get similar app drawer as stock android rom.

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Multitasking Multitasking is much better in cm 12.1 than huawei’s miui rom.Being close to stock rom, CM does not have bloatware apps. This is very light. My phone had 1.3GB of free ram after restarting phone.whereas we got about 1gb of free ram on huawei’s rom. I had no issues while running multiple apps alongside. switching between apps was smooth and lag free. Browsers does not have page reload issue.  Whatsapp, facebook, wechat all gave notification without any issues.



Things change here, I find bettery performance better on huawei emui rom. Thanks to emui’s better power and controlling apps running in background. But this does not means battery performance was bad in cyanogenmod . It was close to stock rom.



Call quality was okay. Not very loud and clear. It was low compared to stock rom. But while listening music, sound quality was actually bad. At low volume, it gives good experience. But as you increase volume. Sound start cracking, not clear. On full volume, you can clearly notice that cracking in sound.



Camera is where no one speak when talking about Cyanogenmod. Camera quality is okay In day light. It got noticeable amount of noise in pictures. But in low light performance and indoor photography, it is nowhere close to stock rom. If you use flash to take pictures at night, pictures comes out with blue tint. Flash is not properly synced with shutter speed of camera.


One thing I forgot to mention, wifi reception. Wifi reception is low. Phone was 2 feet close to wifi router. But still wifi signal had one bar less. Which was not in case of stock rom.


 Final verdict

If you want very good performance, seamless and fluid switching between apps with heavy multitasking. This rom of good for you. Sound quality is manageable. Biggest drawback of this rom for me was bad camera quality. Just because of bad camera quality of cyanogenmod, I switched back to stock rom. If you can live with bad camera quality of this rom. Go ahead and install this rom. This is very stable rom. I  did not find major bugs in this rom. You may just miss some of the stock rom’s features.

Cyanogenmod released cyanogenmod 13 (android 6.0 marshmallow) for huawei honor 4x. Stay tuned for cyanogenmod 13 installation guide and review.

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