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Introduction and setup windows 7 Remote Desktop connection and Windows Remote Assistance over LAN

Microsoft have put lot of useful features in windows. Despite everyday using windows pc, we don’t notice its some cool features like Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Remote Assistance. I know many of you tried to fiddle around with these features and some may not be able to make things work. Today i am going to show you how you can setup windows Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Remote Assistance. I am using windows 7 on both of my pc’s for this purpose.I am showing this by doing on LAN. You can also use it on WAN. But Using Teamviewer software is much simpler and faster than using windows Remote Assistance on WAN. Let’s go ahead and do it.

Difference Between windows desktop connection & Windows Remote Assistance

Remote Desktop Connection

As you can know from it’s name. It gives you ability to control one pc from other pc. When someone give you control of his pc via Remote Desktop Connection, only you can access his computer.  Pc of one who invite you will be locked. He cannot see what you are doing with his pc. This gives you complete access to his pc without any restriction. With this, you can help someone to solve problem of his computer, but he will not able to know how did you sort out problem of his computer. Below  is sample picture of computer one who invite you for help. His pc is in locked position while you are using his computer with Remote Desktop Connection.

Windows Remote Assistance

Windows Remote Assistance does same what Remote Desktop Connection do. Only difference is that pc of one who need help will not be locked. You both can access computer at same time. This makes it useful for learning.You can give other pc access of your just desktop view. So you can teach him something without giving him control of your desktop. You both have control of mouse and keyboard. But one  can restrict you from giving you control of his keyboard and mouse. If you want to get control of his keyboard and mouse. You need to request him control. And he will have to allow you to control his pc. Windows Remote Assistance also have feature to chat while in connection. Both users can chat with each other with inbuilt chat feature. So only difference between Windows Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop connection is that Remote Desktop Connection gives you full access of other pc, whereas in windows Remote Assistance  other pc user can restrict you from having access to his computer. If he disable control to your pc. You can only see his desktop.

Setting It UP

Remote Desktop Connection

Follow these steps to enable Remote Desktop Connection on both computers.

  • For security reasons , by default Remote Desktop Connection is disabled in windows 7. To enable it open system properties, from system properties, open Advance System Settings from left side and from there go to Remote tab. From Remote tab,  Select allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop and save it.


  • You need to have User account Password on both computers.
  • Go to second PC that will give access of his desktop to first pc. Note down its ip by going to network and sharing center , open connection properties and click on details. IPv4 is its IP address. For me it was


  • On first PC that will access second pc , open Remote Desktop Connection from start menu and enter IP of second pc that we had noted down earlier.


  • Click connect and enter Username and password of second pc that you want to access. click ok


  • Click yes to allow if it shows any warning. Second PC will be locked and you will have full access to that PC.


Windows Remote Assistance

On PC That Will Give Access Of Its Desktop(Needy PC)
  • By default Windows Remote Assistance is disabled in windows 7. To enable it open system properties, from system properties, open Advance System Settings from left side and from there go to Remote tab. From Remote tab. Check  the box Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this computer.


  • Open Windows Remote Assistance from start menu and select Invite someone you trust to help you. Here you can select save this invitation file or use e-mail to send invitation. I choose save invitation file. You can copy this file to USB Drive or share this file by network sharing, I copied file to USB flash drive.

2 - Copy

  • This will also generate password. Do not close this password window. You will have to enter this Password on first pc while connecting Windows Remote Assistance to this PC.


On pc That Will Have Access Of Other PC(Helper PC)
  • Open Windows Remote Assistance from start menu and select Help someone who has invited you. Select use an invitation file and select that invitation file that you have copied to your USB flash drive from first pc.


  • Enter the Password that you have noted down from first pc and click ok. Allow from needy pc and now you can see desktop of first pc.


  • You can only see his desktop,you do not any control on it. Click on request control from top left corner and allow form second pc. This will give you full access of second needy pc.


  • You can also Chat with needy pc with chat feature that you can access on top of window. Needy PC can anytime stop control of his pc.


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