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Solve explorer not loading at startup: windows xp

These days virus and malwares are big problem for our computers. Despite having antivirus installed , virus or malwares can still infect our computers. You started your pc . But it only shows wallpaper after welcome screen, no start menu, no icons ,This is problem caused due registy corruption or malware infection. Follow these steps to solve explorer not loading at startup for windows xp

1: Start your computer and let it boot to desktop.


2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete button together. This will launch windows Task Manager.

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3: Click File menu and select New Task . Type explorer.exe in box there and hit Ok, this should launch launch explorer(for me,it was not launched on this computer),if explorer still not launced,skip to step Method B.


4:  Go to start menu and open run.


5: Type msconfig and hit enter. This will open system configuration dialog box.


6: Go to startup and disable all unwanted or all programs by untick them. Then click on apply and ok,

Restart your computer and see if this solve the problem.

:If your problem solved with this method. uninstall any unwanted programs,because some of them might be interfering with explorer.
If this your explorer still not able to start automatically,install malwarebytes and scan your computer.

Method B

If last steps did not solved your problem,follow these steps.

If your computer can’t even run explorer manually, use other computer and download malwarebytes(use trial) from link here

and copy this to usb flash drive.

Restart your computer and repeatedly hit F8 button just quickly after splash screen. Select safe mode and press enter.

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  • Install malwarebytes and run scan.


After scan is completed, click on finish and it will ask you to restart your computer to complete the malware removing process. Restart your computer and computer should boot normally



Hopefully it solved your problem.


This is my first blog. Pardon my grammar. If this still did not solved your problem. Let me know in comments, I will do my best to help you.

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