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Solve hp deskjet 1050 printer won’t not photocopy

Recently i got hp deskjet 1050 printer from customer.printer was printing properly, but it will not copy anything. But its scanner function will work fine too. If you are facing this problem. Follow these steps to diagnose your printer.

 This is solution for problem when you press copy button on printer,nothing happens

  • Connect your printer to computer. Open the scanner lid on printer and run scan function from computer. If you can see scanner moving but its light not glowing or scanner does not move,then it is scanner problem. In this case you need to contact hp service support.

           If scan function is working fine,then it is problem with your copy buttons (It was in my case)

Things required to repair this problem:

  • Soldering iron and soldering wire
  • Soldering skills
  • Multimeter (any cheap one will do fine)
  • Multibit Screwdriver

1.Disassemble the button panel of printer by prying it from corners. It does not have screws

2.On back side of panel, there is small PCB on what buttons are soldered.
3.    Remove this ribbon cable by gently pulling it out

4.You can see every button have 4 legs. You need to test continuity (connectivity) of these legs with     help of multimeter.
5.Look this picture for knowing on which pins to check connectivity.

6.   Pin number 1, 2 are connected to each other and pin number 3,4 are connected to each other.
7.   These pins will have connectivity only when button press

  • Set your multimeter to beep mode. Touch one probe of multimeter  to pin number 1 and  second probe to pin number 3. You will not be getting any beep sound. Keep these probes connected to both pins and press the button. You should hear beep sound. Test same with pin number  2 and 4

If you get connectivity between 1 and 3 pin and 2 and 4 when you press the button. This means your buttons are fine, If you don’t have connectivity between these buttons,It means these buttons are faulty. Check all other buttons too.

Replace the faulty buttons with new one
Your printer will do photocopy fine. Let me know in comments if this solved your problem.

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