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Sove Sony Dav-dz556kb Cd Tray Ejecting Automatically problem

Recently I got Sony-dz556kb digital amplifier + DVD Player from one of my customers. Customer told me that he never used it without CD in it from the time he bought it. Just 10 days ago he removed CD from it and using its FM only feature to listen songs on radio. But today he inserted MP3 Cd, but cd tray will immediately eject automatically. I have tried several methods to keep Cd tray inside, like insert the Cd, after you close the tray, immediately press standby button to turn it off and press standby button again to turn it on. This will prevent it from automatically ejecting Cd tray. But then it showed  no Cd error.

I tried to find information on internet about this fault. I found only one person having same problem with his sony DVD player. Sony had changed his Laser & motor assembly. So I tried to find fix for this problem by their own. Follow these steps, this may solve your problem.

  • Remove the top cover by unscrewing screws from sides and back of DVD player.
  • CD assembly is covered with black cover to protect it from dust. Remove 3 screws and remove black top cover carefully.

IMG_20160605_152911  IMG_20160605_150718

  • Now connect DVD player to power and eject the Cd tray. Remove the little Front face plate from Cd tray. Otherwise you will not be able to remove Cd assembly. Refer to image ,this image is only to show what did i refer to front plate.


  • You will be able to remove this front plate by pressing it from its below, refer to image

IMG_20160630_183301  IMG_20160630_183228

  • Now remove 3 screws holding the Cd assembly and take out Cd assembly without disconnecting cables.


  • Flip the Cd assembly upside down and see two copper stripes, follow the picture to find these copper stripes.


These two copper stripes acts as sensor for the laser and Cd motor to turn on  When laser is parked on its right place. it push on copper strip on other strip and complete the circuit.

  1. I moved the laser assembly to its correct position with my finger so that it touches the copper strips. See in picture.


  1. After that I inserted the Cd in and woah… Cd start spinning and played the songs.

IMG_20160605_152424  IMG_20160605_152440

This was very simple fix. This problem can be because of directly turning off DVD player without pressing standby button. Direct turning off DVD player does not give enough time for laser unit to park on its correct position. Hope it solved your problem too. Thank you.stay tuned for more awesome reviews, solutions and tech tips.

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