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Best Methods for Unblocking Injket Cartridge: Works for almost all cartridges models and brands

I guess many of you guys have inkjet printers lying in your storeroom eating dust from long time just because their ink cartridges cost same as cost of new printer. One of my customer recently gave me hp inkjet printer that was lying in his home from one and half year. First I directly told him that he need new cartridge, because 1 and half year is very long time considering inkjet cartridge can get blocked even in less than 30 days sitting idle. That too because this cartridge was totally empty. Then I took 2 days time from customer to see if I can do this or no, I did not had much hope. But I got success. Today I am going to show you how did I unblock that cartridge. Let’s go ahead and read.

There are many ways to unblock inkjet cartridge. Follow these steps to unblock ink cartridge

Hot water Method

  • Hold cartridge under flowing hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. If you can see ink flowing out from cartridge head, you have successfully unblocked the cartridge.
  • Clean the cartridge with soft cloth or paper towel. If cartridge is hot to touch, then let it cool down and install in printer.
  • Use head or cartridge Cleaning utility built into your printer software from your computer.


Alcohol Method

  • Pour rubbing alcohol in bowl. Don’t pour too much alcohol, fill it as much that only cartridge print head goes in it.


  • Leave the cartridge overnight in alcohol. Take out cartridge , clean with soft cloth and install in printer. Afterwards run the cartridge or head cleaning utility built into your printer software from your pc.

If none of the methods works for you. Then your cartridge need more robust way to unblock it. Follow these steps.

Steam Method

(1) If your cartridge was completely empty ,then you need to fill  ink in it before going to further steps.

(2) Use syringe to refill ink into cartridge.

(3) Do water boiling hot and place cartridge over the pan as shown in picture below. keep water boiling for 15 minutes while cartridge is over it.


(4) If you can see color of water change (water will become black if you using black ink cartridge), then your cartridge is unblocked. If it is still not unblocked. go to Force unblocking method                    immediately , otherwise continue..

(5) clean the print head and copper connections with soft cloth and let cartridge cool down.

(6) Install the cartridge into printer and run cartridge cleaning utility from printer software built into your computer from your computer.

If you are able to print. its good to go. You can refill ink again if too much ink was flowed out while performing unblocking process. Success

Force Unblocking Method

  • Immediately after performing steps from Steam Method(Step 1 to 4), follow these steps
  • Use hot glue to cover the refill holes of cartridge and let hot glue cool down.


  • Insert syringe needle into one of the refill holes and fill the cartridge with ink or just air by using firm force. This will force ink to come out from print head.

IMG_20160504_143248   IMG_20160504_143452

  • If ink comes out, you have successfully unblocked cartridge. If your cartridge still not unblocked, then your cartridge is damaged and you need new.
  • Close the ink refill holes with tape or hot glue and then perform step number 5 to 7 from Steam Method.

In my case, both color and black cartridges were unblocked and after printing few pages ,it start printing clear.


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