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Use Android Phone as keyboard & mouse for windows pc

Using your pc, but your keyboard or mouse stopped working? need instant solution for it? or just want to use your phone as wireless keyboard and mouse for fun? Answer is yes, now you can use your android smartphone as keyboard and mouse for your windows pc. This is not as complicated as it may sound. It only need couple of minutes to make all work.

There are many apps to make this work, like remote mouse, I tried lot of apps. But I found Intel to be best. One obvious reason for this was most of the other apps being paid. And their free versions are strip down of paid version. Free version lack many important features or have many restrictions. From all of them. I found Intel remote keyboard to be best. Intel recently introduced App called Intel Remote Keyboard for android. One can use this app to use your phone as a keyboard and mouse. Let’s get started on how you can use this app.


  • First download and install app Intel Remote Keyboard from Google play store.


  • You need to Install Intel Remote Keyboard Host software on your windows pc to make communication between your phone and pc. Intel says this software is for windows 8.1 and windows 10. But i have tested it on windows 7. It is working flawlessly.  Download Intel Remote Keyboard Host from Here


  • After downloading this software, follow onscreen instructions and install it.


Setting things up

  • double Click on Intel Remote Keyboard from your start menu on computer.
  • Connect your phone and computer to same wifi network. Open Intel Remote Keyboard app on your phone and select name of your pc that is in blue color & with tick mark.


  •  This will open QR code on your pc. Scan this code with your phone and this will connect your phone to your pc.


  • Now you can use your phone screen as trackpad.  Single tap to use left click. Use 2 fingers tap to use as right click, It also have scroll bar on right side. I tested everything. All functions are working perfectly on windows 7.

Screenshot_2016-04-13-18-58-03 Screenshot_2016-04-13-19-01-18

  • Touch on keyboard icon on top of screen to open keyboard. You can use your android keyboard to type on your pc.  It have start menu button. Keyboard have important buttons like esc. ctrl, alt, del and arrow keys. This makes it very useful and practical to use.

IMG_20160514_190003  Screenshot_2016-04-13-18-59-32

  •  You can control sound of your pc by touching Media player icon on top of screen.


Hope you liked this blog. Stay tuned for more tech tips, reviews and tech news. If you need help, let me know in comments.

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