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Use Separate Power Supply For Graphics Card

You saved money from your pocket money and want to buy graphics card to fulfill your gaming hobby?  You bought better card  from saved money by skipping upgrading your power supply?  Few years ago I was in same situation, should I buy low end GPU along with upgrading power supply or buy mid range GPU by skipping power supply upgrade? After thinking too much, I decided to go for better GPU by skipping power supply upgrade.
In fact power supply unit is very critical component of your computer that powers all your computer’s expensive components.  We should always pay attention to it.  It is always recommended to use good quality power supply. If you still need temporary solution to power your graphics card with cheap PSU or any extra old PSU laying around in home eating dust.  Then go ahead and follow the procedure.

  • First of all disconnect the mains power from both the power supply  and pull out all the connectors from motherboard.
  • Carefully strip the green and one black wires on both power supplies. Be gentle and don’t cut the copper wires.

  • Now take 2 long enough pieces of wires and connect green cable of first supply to green cable of second supply.

  • Then connect black cable of first supply to black cable of second power supply. Then use heat shrink or electrical tape to properly cover the joints.

  • Take paper clip or any little wire to short green and black wires from 24 pin power connector. Plug the mains into both PSU’s and fan of  both PSU’s should  spin. If yes, you are good to go. Now remove the mains supply and paper clip from 24 pin connector
  • Now connect back power connectors of primary PSU to motherboard  and plug graphics card power connector of second PSU in graphics card.

  • That’s  all friends. It is that simple.   Now enjoy playing games without putting extra load on your PSU. because ground of both PSU’s and shared. This would not cause any problems.Stay tuned for more.

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