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Use your Android smartphone as Webcam

Did you ever wondered if you can use your android phone as webcam for your pc? Smartphones now days got very good quality cameras. Using these smartphone cameras as webcam can make your video calling experience nicer and save your money from buying webcam. Using smartphone as webcam is not as complicated as you may think. You can use smartphone as USB or Wireless webcam. Today I am going to show you how you can do it.  So let’s get started

There are several apps on google play store that can make you use your smartphone as webcam, but i found DROIDCAM to be smiple and easy to use.

  • First of go to google play store and download app named droidcam , It got two versions, free and paid version. I suggest you to first download free app to check if it serves you and is compatible with your phone before paying for paid version.



  • Extract downloaded zip file and install droidcam client on your pc. click allow when notified to install drivers.


You have two options to use your smartphone as webcam, USB or Wireless. If your phone and computer is connected to same wifi, you can use wireless option. Otherwise you can use it via USB

As a USB webcam

  • To connect your phone as USB webcam, First of all you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. To enable USB debugging, you have to turn on developer options. You can do this by going to settings, then about phone and tap build number few times. Phone will notify you as you developer options are enabled. Go back to menu and from developer options , enable usb debugging.

Screenshot_2016-03-01-14-46-20 Screenshot_2016-03-01-14-46-25

  • You also need to have android USB drivers for your phone. USB drivers are manufacture specific. You can easily find correct usb drivers by searching on google. Easiest way to install usb drivers is to install pc suite software for your device. It will automatically install USB drivers for your device. If you are using Samsung phone. You can install Samsung kies for installing usb drivers automatically for you.
  • After you enabled USB debugging and installed USB drivers on your pc. Open droidcam app on your phone.
  • Then open droidcam client on your pc and select USB mode. Click on start .


  •  On your phone, you will be asked you to allow for USB debugging, select ok.


  • You should be able to see video from your phone on your pc.  If yes,yey, Now you can use your smartphone as webcamera for video calling on skype or any other client.


As a wireless webcam

This is simpler and more efficient way to use your smartphone as webcamera. By going wireless, you can get rid of mess of cables.

  • Make sure your pc and smartphone is connected to same wifi network. Then open droidcam app and note down wifi ip address on main screen of app.


  • Open droidcam client on pc and select wifi mode. Enter wifi of your phone as you seen on your phone. Droidcam port is selected automatically and it is 4747 by default.

4 - Copy

  • click start, you should be able to see video, enjoy your wireless webcam.


You can also use your smartphone as ip camera. Simply type browswer IP cam access ip into your browser to see video right into your browser.


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